The art of Zoanna DaLuz Maney is connected to the land, to the spirit, and to the juices of belief that all peoples share. Her painting started years ago as a way to express the people, places, and things of her world … A world which shifted from South America to the United States as a young child. Her imagery deals with the divide felt between places and the emotional strength to survive separation in life. Her paintings, watercolors, and mixed media creations are heartfelt, psychological and rooted with emotion. They plumb the soul through vistas of the land and of the mind towards fresh discoveries. Above all there is redemption in what she creates and in her paintings there is always a light for the eye to be saved and enlightened.

In a century which still uses aspects of modernism, Zoanna’s work accepts these traditions, distilled from abstraction, while searching for discoveries related to being human. In most of her paintings there is a desire to create works which balance art for art’s sake with art about life. It is a blending of these creative traditions that squarely places her painting in an ever expanding group of artists around the planet who think, feel, and will as artists. It is this very duality that connects her work to both artists of the past, present and to those who will come upon our planet, whose creative passions are expressed through varied means to a spiritual end.



Michael Roque Collins

Artist in Residence-Painting

Art Chair

Collage of Arts and Humanities

Houston Baptist University