Zoanna DaLuz Maney is a Houston artist dedicated to presenting two opposing perspectives in her paintings. First, she accentuates the fluidity of the paint in her art, the beauty of humankind, and the majesty of nature. Her second perspective, equally important, is the psychological in which childhood images demand to be painted, acknowledged, and processed.



Zoanna’s unique art repertoire evolved from her roots of her artistic Brazilian family and the early memories of her native land. At the age of ten, she was adopted and brought to Houston. Plucked from her lush, tropical Brazilian setting filled with color, teeming with plant life, the singing of birds, and the music of her native peoples, she adjusted to this new unfamiliar and austere life in the United States. Re-rooting in this strange land was not an easy task for Zoanna until she rediscovered her art, always her friend, which became her means of communication and healing.



Zoanna shows at various Houston galleries and her work is in several private collections.





Irene E. Corbit, PhD., L.P.C.